Latin American Trade Fair for the Poultry and Swine Industry April 25, 26 and 27
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AveSui 2016: International business featured in the largest pork and poultry trade fair in Latin America

Large presence of exhibitors from other countries and the purchasing appetite of neighboring markets set the tone for the event, which focused on technologies for clean production and management AveSui 2016 (, the largest pork and poultry trade fair in Latin America, ended on Thursday (May 05th), in Florianópolis (SC), showing that agribusiness remains strong in the country, despite the scenario of economic instability. The 200 exhibiting brands - of which 50 were newcomers - from Brazil, China, U.S and the European Union showcased innovative machinery, products and technologies to help poultry farmers and pig farmers expand their businesses, reduce costs and produce with more quality and animal welfare. One of the new features of this edition was the business innovation auditorium, assembled in the middle of the trade show, where exhibitors and partners introduced innovations and discussed about trends and perspectives on agribusiness in the country.

The 15th edition of AveSui brought a new concept to fairs of this segment in the country, with a business-driven focus. "We are betting on a change of paradigm. Our goal is to target the fair to those seeking for business. It's a different, more selective format, but which generates more qualified opportunities to our exhibitors," says Andrea Gessulli, Director of Gessulli Agribusiness, organizer of the event. The next edition, set to take place once again in Florianópolis in 2017, will be held along the same lines.

The biggest highlight of this year was the large presence of foreigners, both exhibitors and buyers. While companies from several countries have chosen the 2016 AveSui to seek opportunities in the Brazilian market - by setting up plants or partnering with local entrepreneurs - visitors from Latin America have excelled in businesses generated at the fair. Among the international exhibitors, the large presence of Chinese enterprises consolidated the Asia-Brazil business partnership in the poultry and swine segment.

Zhengchang, one of the largest suppliers of agribusiness equipment and projects in China, which was recently established in Curitiba (PR), consolidated two major projects during the AveSui and secured its presence in the next edition, in 2017. But it wasn't just Asians who opened new fronts for business at the fair: Silos Cordoba from Spain, a manufacturer of grain storage systems, made important contacts with producers from Brazil, Peru, Bolivia and Colombia. "We have great interest in the Latin American market, but consider Brazil a continent apart, attending AveSui was very important to us," said Jorge Garcia, responsible for sales in Latin America.
Imoto, reference in the manufacture of machinery and engines based in Santa Catarina, joined the fair in partnership with Italian company Caredi and made a positive assessment of the event. For business manager Andre Barclay, several international sales were made to countries like Bolivia and Uruguay, as well as contacts to new projects in Latin America. "Most of the calls we made here opened horizons for business, both in machinery and projects." Another company that spawned good businesses during AveSui 2016 was Indumax, from the city of Xanxerê (SC), introducing innovations such as a contamination-proof mixer (which earned the company an innovation patent). The outcomes exceeded the company's expectations, with the closing of project deals for Colombia, Argentina, Paraguay and different states of Brazil.

In addition to three days of trade show, AveSui featured workshops and a congress on precision animal husbandry, biomass and bioenergy, a forum on low carbon pig farming and animal welfare, conscious consumption of resources and animal recycling, among others. The "Who's Who: Biggest and Best" award honored Brazilian cooperatives and recognized personalities in the pork and poultry industry.


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Successfully launched in 2013, the presentation of abstracts in AveSui opened a new and important space for the encouragement and dissemination of abstracts focusing on the development of the productive sectors of poultry and swine. The exhibition of abstracts was created to stimulate and disseminate scientific research conducted by undergraduates and post graduate students of higher education institutions across the country and back in full force in AveSui 2016, rewarding the best with the Awards "Instituto Oswaldo Gessulli ".

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